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Chyna was born December 27th 1970, her name, Joanie Laurer. This "red" haired little girl with an underbite grew up in Rochester, New York. At an early age Joanie was a huge "Winnie the Pooh" fan. It wasn't until she was fifteen that Joanie began to lift weights. She used the weight room as a place to get away from all of the names she was called and ways she was treated. Her first boy friend was Gerry Blais a bodybuilder that saw her pumping iron and was amazed by her strength and body. He soon became her weight trainer.
After graduating High School, Joanie went to live with her father. He helped her get scholorships to go to college which she did in Florida. She majored in Spanish Literature. Joanie was so smart that she graduated from College in two years instead of four. After this, she traveled to Europe and became fluent in three more languages, Spanish, German, and French.
It wasn't until late in Joanie's life when she finally started watching wrestling one night with her sister Kathy. Soon after, she traveled to Walter "Killer" Kowalski's Wrestling School. Joanie was the only girl there. There she wrestled under the name Joanie Lee. When she graduated wrestling school, Kowalski told her that she was one of his very best students. Kowalski also taught Jean-Paul Levesque aka.
Triple H. Joanie showed her portfolio to several places included WCW and WWF. Finally Joanie was noticed by the WWF. She met Triple H and Shawn Michaels and they spoke of some ideas for her. One idea was to be the manager/bodyguard for DX. Vince McMahon wasn't sure about a woman that could beat up the guys, but he finally decided to give her a chance. In 1997, it was finally time for Joanie to choose her wrestling name.
In an interview, she spoke of some of the names on the list, such as Venus, Ciera, and then CHYNA.
She chose that name which I feel really fits her. Later in her career Chyna was given the name "The Ninth Wonder of the World" by all of the guys in the WWF.
CHYNA started out being the manager/bodyguard of Degeneration X along with Triple H and Shawn Michael, and later X-Pac, Road Dogg, and Bad Ass Billy Gunn. After the group split up, she stayed with Triple H (real life boyfriend). She once split up with him to join The Corporation but then separated again to be with Triple H. After awhile, Chyna and HHH (profesionally) grew apart and went on their own.
Later as you know Triple H (profesionally) married Stephanie McMahon, and Chyna went on to become the World Wrestling Federation's first Woman Intercontinental Champion. She was also the first woman to have a man's belt! Then she went to having The Kat as a side kick, Chris Jericho as a partner and then Eddie Guerrero as a partner and (profesionally) Fiance. She has now split up with Eddie Guerrero and is on the path of regaining the IC Belt to be a four time Intercontinental Champ!
Chyna has written a book and it made No. 2 on the New York Times Best Seller's List. Chyna and Triple Hare currently not together but remain close.
Chyna has also become the WWF WOMAN'S CHAMPION for the first time at WRESTLEMANIA X7! Chyna is last seen on TV at Judment Day 2001. The WWF had Chyna for Four Years. 1997-2001 We will always remember Chyna the Wrestler but now we will look forward to her TV Acting Career beginning 2000-( )!
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